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Be an Example is an online clothing catalogue for ladies concerned about dressing modestly for the Lord. Much of what is available on the shelves is too revealing! Since there was nowhere in Australia where we could buy the kind of clothing we wanted to wear, we decided to make our own.
Soon we realised that there were a lot of mothers who had the same problem as we did - they couldn't find suitable clothing either. Unfortunately many of them could not sew, or did not have the time to do so.
As a result, we developed a printed catalogue that would show people what clothing we could make for them, with a selection of material that could be used. This website is basically an online version of that original printed catalogue (updated and improved of course!)

A Personal Welcome

My name is Ami McPherson. I am 28 years old, and have enjoyed sewing since I was 9 years old. Since I was quite young, I thought how nice it would be to sew clothes for others, since through Christ I learned that dressing in a modest, feminine way brings glory to our Saviour. He desires us to bring glory to himself and to keep ourselves pure in His sight. Also, we had many families asking where we got our clothes from. With that in mind, I felt the Lord leading me into sewing for others as a ministry when I had finished my schooling. Thus, with my mother's art skills, and my brother's computer skills, I was able to put what started as a catalogue, and now also a website. I pray that you will find this helpful and beneficial to you and your family. We have kept the prices down as low as possible, with a $10 cost to make the garment - the rest is material/accessories.


It was July 2004 when the first issue of "Be an Example" was sent out in catalogue form - mostly to friends and through word of mouth. It was amazing to see the need for modest clothing here in Australia and that there were other believers that had the conviction and desire of dressing in a modest way. Since the end of 2006, my two sisters (Rachel-Marie and Elizabeth) have both helped me with the sewing, and when really busy, our mother helps as well. In the year 2008, with the demand of sewing, and also to reach out to more families, my brother put the catalogue on the net. Now in 2013, we are revising and redesigning the website (which has long been a desire of mine). You will notice new styles and added options to choose from - which have been developed over the years from people's requests for something a little different from what I had to offer. This sewing ministry has been a great way for our family to serve families from home, in an area that is not common today.

How this works

This is nothing like buying a mass-produced garment from a standard store. Each garment is made to measure (tailored to fit YOU!).
This means that after you have found the style of garment you would like made, and chosen which options you would like, including which fabric you want for each garment, you must then provide us with your measurements. Once your order has been placed, Ami will confirm your order,and the exact pricing (including any postage costs). Once you have paid, the garment is made and sent to you - anywhere in Australia!

Placing an Order

  1. Find the style you like
  2. Select the desired options
  3. Find suitable fabric
  4. Take your measurements
  5. Place your order
  6. Wait for order confirmation
  7. Your order is posted to you!

Payment and Postage

Payment can be made by cheque or direct deposit. Payment must be received before garments will be sent off. Postage costs do vary due to the size of your order and the weight of the fabric you choose.
Here are some approximate postage rates:

  • 1 garment - approx. $8
  • 2-6 garment - approx. $13
  • Larger orders - approx. $18-26

These prices may change when Australia Post changes their prices
After confirming your order measurements, material, style, etc. I will send you the total price of garment/s and postage, and once you have paid, we will sew and post your clothes. We do try to get them sent off as soon as possible, but you should generally allow about 2 weeks sewing time (depending on the number of orders we have at the time). Larger orders may take up to a month. Please note that this does not include time before you pay, and postage times.