Homestead Treasures

"Homestead treasures" is a little 'stall' from our house. Starting up when we had so many mulberries we didn’t know what to do with them! Hence the starting of our little stall, selling excess mulberries, added along the way with the craft, pies and other cooking we took to a market stall once a month. Our stall grew as we added the skin care products we made, honey from our bees and the jams, pickles, and sauce made from our extra produce. As we have extensive gardens and orchards which supply us with all our fruit and vegetables, we also sell all the surplus vegetables and fruit that we grow from our door.

Devonshire Tea

We also provide Devonshire Tea, sit either inside or out (depending on weather) in view of our vast garden while you enjoy tea/coffee and fresh scones with jam and cream. Bookings by appointment only, minimum 4 people.
For bus tours of patch workers, we set up our materials-100% cotton patchwork fabrics to sell. So you can browse the fabrics after your Devonshire Tea. Bookings by appointment only.

We make a variety of muffins, cakes, biscuits, and pies, which you can order. For more information, phone "Homestead Treasures".

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